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What will happen on tonight's 'Game of Thrones' finale?
After eight years the world is finally about to find out how "Game of Thrones" ends. We know some characters will die. There will probably be dragon fire. A lot of us won't be happy with the outcome.

'GoT finale: A poisoned chalice?
The world is set to look like a very different place for millions of people on Monday, May 20.

Six things 'Game of Thrones' can learn from past series finales
"Game of Thrones" comes to an end this Sunday, amid a level of hoopla reserved for TV's elite few. Still, it's hardly the first show to evoke a passionate response, or have the opportunity to craft an ending that's sure to be analyzed, dissected and debated for years to come.

DJ Khaled gave a touching tribute to Nipsey Hussle in 'Saturday Night Live' performance
DJ Khaled had one last message for the "Saturday Night Live" audience before the show's season finale wrapped up.

Marilyn Manson heads to the Vatican
Marilyn Manson, the self-proclaimed "Antichrist Superstar," is getting cozy with the pope. That is, with the "new" pope.

James Charles brings out the receipts in his latest video on the Tati Westbrook feud
It seems the tables have turned in the epic James Charles-Tati Westbrook saga.

'The Big Bang Theory' finale closes with a big dose of heart
The following contains spoilers about "The Big Bang Theory" series finale.

Backstreet Boys release new 20th anniversary edition of 'I Want It That Way'
Even if you all your high school years listening to "I Want It That Way" on a loop, it's safe to say you've never heard the song quite like this before.

Leslie Jones tears into Alabama abortion law
Alabama's new anti-abortion law drew the fire of "Saturday Night Live" star Leslie Jones, who proclaimed, "You can't tell me what to do with my body" on the show.

Madonna mixes politics with a classic hit during Eurovision performance
Madonna's hugely anticipated performance during the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel drew plaudits from the crowd but raised eyebrows among the show's viewers, as the pop legend mixed new material with a hugely popular classic and a noticeable political statement

How to make your wedding vows 'Grey's Anatomy'-good
To help get myself into bride mode after my engagement a few months ago, I rewatched all of my favorite TV wedding episodes -- from "Grey's Anatomy" and "ER" to "Friends" and "Parks and Recreation."

Boy George storms off the set of 'The Voice Australia'
Do you really want to hurt Boy George?

Elton John and Taron Egerton team up for epic 'Rocket Man' duet
Talk about the ultimate duet.

Robert Pattinson 'Batman' report is a dark night for some
Gotham is shook.

There's no need to #FreeBritney, say people close to the singer
Britney Spears is in more control of her life and health than some of her supporters seem to believe, two sources close to the singer tell CNN.

What it was like at the final taping of 'The Big Bang Theory'
The following contains spoilers about "The Big Bang Theory" series finale.

'Young Sheldon' paid sweet tribute to 'The Big Bang Theory'
Just when loyal viewers of "The Big Bang Theory" thought they'd seen the very last of Sheldon, Leonard, Amy, Penny, Bernadette, Howard and Raj, "Young Sheldon" proved them wrong.

You can now find a 'Game of Thrones' counselor near you
Come Sunday, the night will be dark and full of many, many terrors for "Game of Thrones" superfans.

Ruby Rose is fierce in 'Batwoman' sneak peek
Ruby Rose as Batwoman is the post #MeToo superhero we've been waiting for.

7 fall shows to get excited about
In a year that has fewer new fall shows coming to broadcast television than any year in recent memory, being designated a "highly anticipated show" is a little like winning a ten-person marathon: you're all top 10.

Mick Jagger's dancing video after his heart surgery sends fans into a frenzy
Maroon 5 sings about "Moves Like Jagger" in their hit single by the same name. They may need a sequel called "Moves Like Jagger ... After Heart Surgery."

Sarah Jessica Parker slams tabloid over speculating her marriage is in trouble
Sarah Jessica Parker is defending her marriage.

'Riverdale' creator explains how season finale dealt with Luke Perry's character
Viewers of the "Riverdale" Season 3 finale had some surprises, but not one some were expecting.

A man called 911 after a comedian made 'Middle Eastern' jokes at a comedy club
Comedian Ahmed Ahmed is always working on new material for his act, but a 911 call is not his usual method for getting a laugh.

Tom Petty's daughters say their late father's wife has illegitimately seized control over his artist's estate
In the latest move in an ongoing back-and-forth over Tom Petty's estate, the late singer's daughters are suing his widow, Dana York Petty.

Money from Nipsey Hussle and DJ Khaled's new song, "Higher," will go to slain rapper's kids
The marathon continues, DJ Khaled says, announcing on Instagram that his upcoming album will include a track with Nipsey Hussle and that all the money from the song will go to the slain rapper's children.

Maisie Williams says her 'Game of Thrones' fame affected her mental health
Maisie Williams says fame has had a negative affect on her mental health and self-esteem.

Taylor Swift says her biggest teenage rebellion involved ex Joe Jonas
Taylor Swift is sorry, Joe Jonas.

Selena Gomez just said social media has been terrible for young people
Selena Gomez is voicing her concern about the "terrible" effect that social media has had on her generation, and says she advocates taking breaks from the platforms.

Yara Shahidi brings faint glow to 'The Sun is Also a Star'
Teen romances are sometimes only as good as their leads, and "The Sun is Also a Star" has a fine pair in "Black-ish's" Yara Shahidi and "Riverdale's" Charles Melton. The movie, however -- which deals with true love and the universe putting people together -- could have given fate an assist by crafting a more substantial vehicle for them.